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Pioneering a New Paradigm of Conscious Intimacy and Sacred Sexuality Facilitation


At Evolving Eros, we're dedicated to providing the most comprehensive sacred sexuality facilitator training and courses available online. Our mission is to empower facilitators in the realms of sacred sexuality, intimacy, and conscious relating through cutting-edge courses, expert guidance, and a supportive community so that they can take their passion and embodied transmission to the next level as leaders in their field.

Whether you're new to this work or a seasoned practitioner, our facilitation courses will help you deepen your skills, amplify your impact, and pioneer a new paradigm of healing and connection.


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Foundation Course


Begin your Sacred Eros facilitator training with our comprehensive Foundations of Eros Facilitation online Course.

This deep-dive program provides you with the essential tools, knowledge, and confidence to create safer, more transformative spaces for your participants and to uplevel your inner game as a leader.


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Specialist Courses


Already facilitating well and have a specific area you want to hone in on?

From trauma-informed best practices to business essentials, these focused facilitation courses are designed to enhance your expertise and expand your offerings.

They're also the perfect addition to the foundations course when you're ready to go deeper

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From Masterminds and Masterclasses to accountability groups and community chat- our memberships are designed to help you feel connected with others doing this work.

Join our community of facilitators and gain access to exclusive resources, ongoing support, and collaborative opportunities. Our tiered membership options cater to both aspiring and experienced facilitators, providing the tools and connections you need to thrive.

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Transformation Through Education

It's a combination of embodiment transmission and high quality education that makes a great facilitator, and we're here to share wisdom from industry experts and leaders so facilitators can grow and empower themselves with this knowledge. 

Holistic and Inclusive Approach

Our courses are designed with a holistic approach that look at both inner work and outer skills, and to offer this in a way that respects and incorporates a wide spectrum of identities and experiences.


Expert-Led Learning Experiences

It takes many perspectives for a holistic approach -our facilitators have many years of experience in their fields, bringing years of wisdom, trials and errors, nuanced perspectives and a their unique transmissions to each video.

Cutting-Edge Curriculum

Stay at the forefront of the industry with our continuously updated curriculum that reflects the latest research and best practices in sacred sexuality education.
Just as most professional jobs require further learning over the years, we know it's essential we stay on the leading edge of best practices.

Accessible Learning Platforms

Access our courses and community from anywhere in the world, designed to fit your schedule and learning preferences.
You'll be able to access your online content both through the website and via an app for ease of use, in both video and audio formats.

Commitment to Ethical Practices

We feel strongly about creating a more ethical industry with deeper integrity in leaders, and aim to bring in lenses that challenge dominator paradigm and manipulative techniques which cause harm to students and seekers, wishing this work to have as much positive impact and reduce harm in whichever ways we can.

Hear From Our Students

"Evolving Eros has been a transformative experience as I seek to deepen my relationship with myself, intimacy, sacred sexuality, and my connections with others. As someone already exploring sensuality and holding space for somatic work, this training perfectly aligns with my current path. The course layout, practices, and teachings have resonated deeply with me, offering a clear and digestible understanding of sacred sexuality and the true nature of sexual energy.
So far, the knowledge and workshops have been expansive and vital. Even early in my journey, I've noticed a profound attunement with my body, gaining a clear sense of my desires and direction. My channel feels open and connected to my root, enhancing my personal relationships, and helping me establish clearer boundaries. I'm now attracting better connections and feel aligned with my true self, especially during my travels abroad.
I am thrilled to continue this journey and further engage with the Evolving Eros community!"
- Gianna Martino

"Evolving Eros is a lot more than an online course. It's a web library where you can find tons of interesting and useful material about facilitating, trauma, neotantra, sacred sexuality, kink, inclusivity of marginalized communities,etc. At the same time is an international community of like-minded people who want to transform our world for the better and  a platform of online masterclasses with some of the best sex positive facilitators worldwide!
As neotantra facilitator and pleasure activist in Greece it was impossible to find in the so-called spiritual community educational programs for Facilitators which will be trauma informed and conscious about inclusivity of poor, Poc, queer, disabled, neurodiverse people and communities. So the evolving eros was a treasure of knowledge for me as a facilitator!
Additionally  I felt such a release that there are other people in the field with similar concerns and visions about the liberating and transforming power of sexuality, like I found my tribe! So I definitely suggest to everyone who is interested in facilitating of sex positive events to join this beautiful venture. Hope the seeds that Luna, Triss and their team put in now, will flourish soon with a new generation of facilitators and activists who will spread the good work of eros revolution worldwide!"
- Sisyphus George

Foundations of Eros Facilitation

Your Launchpad to Liberation Leadership


Are you called to guide others on their journey to explore sacred sexuality, intimacy, and relationships?

The Foundations of Eros Facilitation course is your first step to becoming a skilled, confident, and impactful facilitator. Whether you're already dabbling in facilitating or you're starting out fresh!

In this deep-dive program, you'll gain some of the core knowledge, practical tools, and embodied wisdom to create safer, more potent, and transformative spaces for your participants.

Our expert instructors will guide you through a comprehensive curriculum that covers:

  • Things you need to know to become an empowered, confident leader and bring awareness to power dynamics, projections, common mistakes and ways to cultivate the right mindset.

  • How to craft an event that has great flow, is in alignment with what you're ready to teach and has the right support structures

  • Subtle ways to create a deeper container by understanding the topics of transformation, working with resistance, how to bring in more grounding, understanding trauma and more

  • Ethical considerations and best practices for sacred sexuality and intimacy work

  • Business and marketing so you can share you magic in the practical world

  • And more!

Whether you're new to facilitation or looking to deepen your existing skills, the Foundations of Eros Facilitation course will provide you with a solid grounding in the principles and practices of this transformative work, offer you perspectives you may not have encountered yet, inspire you and bring in the humility we all need when taking on leadership roles. You'll emerge with the confidence, clarity, and tools to run transformative workshops, rituals and events. 

This course is more than just a typical online training - it's an invitation to join a vibrant community of like-minded facilitators, all committed to their own growth and to the collective healing of our world. You'll have opportunities to connect with your peers, receive support and feedback, and collaborate on bringing your unique vision to life.

If you're ready to take the next step on your path as a facilitator of love and liberation, we invite you to learn more about the Foundations of Eros Facilitation course. Discover how this immersive program can help you unlock your potential, hone your skills, and step into your power as a leader in the field of sacred sexuality and intimacy.

Specialist Courses

Develop your capacity to hold safer, healing spaces with our Trauma Awareness Course. In the course, you'll gain a deeper understanding of trauma-informed facilitation, types of trauma and how they play out in group environments, and learn practical tools to support your participants' journey.

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When we run events, we're inviting people from a whole range of backgrounds, cultures, sexualities and bodies into our space- not all of them will have the same lived experience as we do with some topics. Learn to cultivate awareness, skills, and compassion to honor the diversity of human experience.

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Learn the art of creating enchanting, transformative and playful temple night experiences. Temple nights and conscious play spaces are beautiful opportunities to bring together community, to support loving connections to form and to welcome the full spectrum of our humanity into a sacred space.


Deepening Wisdom


The Path of the Facilitator

At Evolving Eros, we recognize that becoming a skilled and thriving facilitator is a journey of continuous growth and learning. Our ever evolving online course library is designed to support you at every stage of your development, whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned practitioner.


The Importance of Ongoing Learning

In the sensitive field of sacred sexuality and intimacy, staying current and continually refining your skills is essential. Our sacred sexuality facilitation courses and community provide the resources and support you need to stay at the forefront of your craft, deepen your impact, and navigate the challenges and opportunities of this transformative work.

We often don't know what we don't know, and run the risk of causing unintentional harm in our spaces if we don't have the right support. We want to offer the learnings of experienced facilitators to support others on their journey.

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